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Specialized Visio network diagrams and network documentation for your network

Your network is critical to your business -

  1. Network documentation is required for most security audits. HIPPA and PCI require documentation
  2. Network documentation will be most valuable during system outages
  3. If you bring in new consultants or employees can you show them how your network is built or is reverse engineering required every time
  4. Can you call for support and have them understand your network quickly
  5. Do you want to respond quickly and accurately to problems and failures
  6. Upgrades and improvements depend on knowing where you are starting
  7. Documentation is one of those tasks that is often done last if at all, we can help

Important pertinent information provided in a professional drawing and documentation set

Network audit, discovery, and engineering services are available. Professional network documentation packages starting at $275.

Tell us about your network and requirements.  Productive Solutions is based in Central Florida but will provide network audit, assessment and engineering services anywhere. Our engineers are Cisco Certified and will service your requirements at your location if required. Please find our contact information provided elsewhere in this website.

We can accept your existing documentation in most any format.
We have received and worked from:

  1. Existing drawings via fax
  2. Napkin sketches
  3. Verbal descriptions
  4. E-Mail attachments
  5. Photographs
  6. Running configuration files

Please plan on providing as much information as possible.

The best documentation references:

  • Exact equipment name and model numbers, port counts, local device names
  • Internet service provider information
    • connection types
    • IP addresses
    • configuration files
    • service contact phone numbers
    • contract information
  • Computer information such as:
    • number of
    • purpose
    • user names
    • connection information
    • support information
  • Phone information such as:
    •  number of
    • purpose
    • user names
    • connection information
    • support information
  • Facilities
    • building address
    • service providers
    • site name

Please see our sample drawings to get ideas about what information you can provide

Our standard drawing size is 11" x 17" landscape. Some people do not have the ability to print on this size paper. We can provide printed documents to you.  Additionally, the drawings sclale nicely to fit 8 ½" x 11" paper.  We can also per your request, produce your drawings on an 8 ½" x 11" scale.

Drawing and documentation sets will be provided to you in .pdf format.  We can provide printed documents to you. Need cable labels and machine labels? We can do that too. Provide us your network information and we will create your Network Visio Diagrams and network documentation set. Satisfaction guaranteed.