OpenTCP( )

=OpenTCP() IP Tools for Excel Sheet Function to open and test TCP connections

Check test and evaluate TCP port connections and get status in Excel. Can be used as a TCP port scanner



OpenTCP( )

Sends a TCP open request packet to the target host or URL/URI on the specified port. Returns results and response time

=OpenTCP(TargetURL, [ReturnType], [Port], [TimeOut])


TargetURL Required

May be URL, Host Name or IP Address. A TCP port number may be specified in the URL. Any TargetURL must be resolvable by DNS or host file else the return is #ipte_DNS-NORESOLVE

ReturnType Optional - default is 0

0  TrueFalse = TRUE/FALSE

If a connection can be established with the TargetURL host then TRUE is returned else the return is FALSE

1  Time = time in milliseconds

Time taken in milliseconds to receive the result from the TargetURL. The time for name resolutions is not included in the reported time. If the result fails -1 is returned

99  FailureReason = error reason

Returns a text string describing the error. If there was no error then the string #ipte_NO-ERROR is returned

Port Optional – default is 80

Integer value 1 to 65535. The TCP port number the request will open.

TimeOut Optional – default is 1

Integer value 1 to 25. Timeout value in seconds. The amount of time to wait for the result from the TargetURL before returning a timeout error

Usage Examples


Creates a connection to the host at on TCP port 80. Returns TRUE if the open request is successful else FALSE is returned


Creates a connection to the host at on TCP port 443 and returns the time taken in milliseconds to receive the results


Performs an open port test on the TargetHost TCP port 25 is tested with a TimeOut value of 10 seconds. The return is a string representing an error reason


Any argument can be a cell reference like A7 or $D$3

Arguments can be entered as “string” or number value

Default timeout value for DNS resolution is 1 second. The request is tried 1 time. If the supplied TargetURL host cannot be resolved #ipte_DNS-NORESOLVE is returned

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