Network Security

Security for IP Networks 

Network security PCI DSS and HIPPA compliance

You can test x.509 SSL Security Certificates with IP Tools for Excel

Network security encompasses internet security and the underlying policies governing the use and operation of your IP network. Security articles and best practices are available here. We have Cisco ASA configurations. Complete network plans and documentation are available as well as IP address management applications and tools.

The data security requirements to conform to PCI DSS, PCI Compliance, or HIPPA laws have many common requirements. Some items of compliance requirements are open to interpretation and appear more like guidelines. They are. Some elements are moving targets. Many of the requirements are standard network security best practices that should be enforced on every IP network.

We consider network security as a basis for information security and internet security. After all, the network is the common denominator. We easily apply the 80/20 rules: which 20% of the work and cost will satisfy 80% of the requirements. It is about risk management and return on investment.