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Summary:     IP Tools for Excel adds sheet functions and fully automatic or programmable, macro like VBA script features to Microsoft Excel. These are tools and functions to support IP network systems test and evaluation. There is a GUI and Ribbon interface. Some features include ping, ping sweep, bulk ping, DNS lookup, nslookup, sort IP addresses, launch remote desktop protocol RDP, launch SSH, launch telnet, launch http and https, trim clean cells. Sheet functions to remove shading, remove comments, remove text color. Excel worksheet functions to ping, nslookup, open TCP ports, open http web pages and get SSL certificates. IPv6 supported by nslookup. IPAM and subnet calculations.


Install IP Tools for Excel - Addin/Plugin.   Then in Excel you can:


  • Ping a list of servers or IP addresses from Excel and return results to any cell
  • Start a continuous ping
  • Ping servers in Excel
  • NsLookup within Excel with formatted output in a column or cell
  • Sort a list of IP addresses in Excel
  • Start traceroute easily
  • Launch remote desktop RDP, SSH, Telnet to any host or IP, hyperlink functionality
  • Excel TCP port scanner and testing
  • Get HTTP data and test
  • Open SSL connections
  • Test SSL certificate expiry date from Excel
  • Check SSL certificate expiration and other certificate fields
  • Calculate IP Subnets with the  Interactive Subnet Calculator
  • Manage IP address space right in Excel with templates
  • IP Address Management in Excel
  • IP address spreadsheets and templates can be managed with IP Tools for Excel
  • Many more functions . . . See features page link below for full list


          Easy and Free to try    download here and now   ipte-setup.exe


IP Subnet Calculator and Subnet Cheat Sheet:     Now part of Excel.  Easy to learn and practice ip subnetting then pass CCNA testing. This free tool only operates with IPv4 at this time. When you manage IP addresses in Excel you will find the functions for Nslookup and Ping useful. The Excel Column Definitions tab allows for inserting any Excel function or macro into the sheet.

This IP Subnet Calculator for Excel helps you to learn about IP subnetting and mask lengths including prefix notation.


IP Tools for Excel offers function and macro support for these sheet functions:


Short video demo below - You might never type Ping at the CMD prompt again!



See a Larger View of IP Tools for Excel Sample Output

IP Tools for Excel Ribbon Menu has ping, ping continous, nslookup, trace route, and sort ip address commands



Advisory:     IP Tools for Excel is capable of generating large amounts of network traffic. High packet per second rates can consume large amounts of network bandwidth. It can cause network security systems to alarm and block traffic. Traffic patterns generated may be considered Denial of Service Attacks (DOS).  Please use this tool responsibly and professionally.

Network performance monitoring is now available in Microsoft Excel.  Test network latencey with Excel. Be proactive.

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