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SNMP GET function to get a application listen state

6 years ago
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I would like to see a SNMP GET function. Example, check to see if port 8044 is in a listen state without having to do a TCPOpen function.

The function would do this SNMP GET of an OID:


If 8044 is listening you get back something like this:

tcpConnState. = listen

for a true state. If not listening you may get back like this:

tcpConnState. = No Such Instance currently exists at this OID

as a false state.

The reason for doing a SNMP to get the listen state is that some applications get upset when you do a TCPOpen and then go away. That is messages start appearing on the console or in their logs.


Mainframe Infrastructure Engineering Consultant
6 years ago
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BTW, this looks like a good resource to look at if you need a start:

It does require that the customer to have SNMPGET.exe installed which you can get from SourceForge.

6 years ago
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Thank you for the suggestion Mark.  Your request has merit and we do have SNMP functions on the map. I can not disclose the estimated release of the SNMP functions here at this time. Hint - SNMP data is also good for drawing charts.  

The OpenTCP function does close a port if it opens.  A SYN SYN/ACK ACK is closed with FIN.